Paulo Avelino was shooting a love scene for the forthcoming movie “Yesterday Today Tomorrow" with the woman who is considered to be every man’s fantasy, Solenn Heussaff.While he was preparing for the scene, it gave him an attack of the nerves! 

"I’ve had love scenes before, but not as intense and as revealing as this one," explained Paulo. “and it was my first intimate scene with THE Solenn Heussaff. I guess the thought of it will make any man nervous.” Paulo admitted that Solenn is one of his showbiz crushes, and that made him even more uneasy. Sweaty palms, trembling hands, palpitating heart, Paulo experienced it all! 

"Good thing, Solenn is a trouper and very supportive,” he added. “so she was very cool and professional about the entire scene. And she guided me every step of the way. Plus it helped that we were both under the direction of Jun Lana who’s mastered the art of the love scene in many of his movies.”

Just how hot was the scene? “I saw the rushes and let’s just say, it was very artistic,” laughedPaulo. 

In “Yesterday Today Tomorrow”, Paulo is Vincent, a man who discovers that his girlfriend of many years is cheating on him, making him obsessive and vengeful. The girlfriend role is of course played by Solenn Heussaff. And the other guy is played by award winning actor,Dennis Trillo.

Yesterday Today Tomorrow" positions Paulo with some of the best actors and actresses in the Philippine movie industry. The stellar cast includes Maricel Soriano, Gabby Concepcion, Jericho Rosales, Dennis Trillo, and Lovi Poe. It’s Regal Films' entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival, opening nationwide on December 25.


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